There’s no place quite like Luxottica. We are over 82,000 deeply passionate “Luxotticans” who seize opportunity, embrace change and use our skills to improve the well-being of customers

Begin section Design your own career

Design your own career

No matter where you work in the Luxottica world, you can really make an impact

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Chart your journey

Luxotticans combine their personal talent with the opportunities for growth to create their own journeys

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Being a Luxottican

Each and every one of us lives, breathes and shapes the success of the company. You know you are a Luxottican when you recognize yourself in our 4 caractheristics

Luxottica Factor

Luxottica factor

Measure your Luxottica Factor and find out
how much of a Luxottican you are

Being a Luxottican


We continuously look ahead and think of new ways to serve and inspire our customers and each other. Innovation, quality and creativity are the foundation of our success and the way we work.



Design & Trends

“There is always another point of view. And another one. And another one. Here is our job.”


We love what we do and we care about our people. We do believe our work makes a difference to everyone’s lives wherever they are. That’s what inspires us to constantly improve ourselves and our work, by engaging the hearts and minds of others.

Greta Bertuzzo


Marketing, Sydney

“After ten years I look at Luxottica almost as a relationship. I’m passionate about what I’m doing, I can even get upset, because it’s a little bit mine.”


Sales, Milan

“I have always lived and worked with passion, putting my heart and soul into both aspects. At Luxottica, I have found an environment and many people that share the same passion and desire to face daily challenges. ”


We are pioneers of change. We see opportunities that others don’t and understand the value of taking risks so that we continue to be the innovators of our industry. Respect, accountability and transparency model the way we lead.

Tracy Mi


Human Resources, Singapore

“We are different but we are also the same”


Luxury Brands, Milan

“At Luxottica I had the chance to work with very different people, but they all had one thing in common: curiosity. This aroused in me a desire to learn, to prove myself and always do better.”

Simple & Fast

We see the essence and focus on priorities that matter most. We strive for simplicity and value being straightforward, uncomplicated and accessible so that we can quickly drive change to deliver results and quality.



Retail Sun & Luxury, Milan

“Luxottica gives you the opportunity to fulfill your own ideas”


E-commerce Group, Milan

“My life in the Luxottica Digital World? Finding easy, flexible and relevant solutions to develop long-lasting and engaging relationships with our consumers. A dynamic and boundless journey! ”

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