Andrea Perduca

Andrea Perduca

Creative Hub and E-Commerce Operations Director

Milan, Italy

The Problem Solver

Tell us a little about your Luxottica journey so far.

I joined Luxottica’s E-Commerce team almost 6 and a half years ago and have been growing professionally ever since. Starting out being responsible for Operations and gradually having all other Luxottica E-Commerce brands added under my belt. Recently, within the last 2 years, I have been leading a very ambitious project - building an internal creative agency to support all Luxottica brands and their channels, covering creativity, content and design (online and also offline). This activity has also allowed me to lead our Digital Broadcast team.

What does Luxottica mean to you?

Luxottica is one outstanding big family. I’ve had the opportunity to lead a very talented team of young people in a very informal, yet professional and focused environment.
I believe this is unique and part of Luxottica’s DNA across the board.

What do you love about your role?

Everything. I love coming into the office every day and working with my team. It’s always stimulating managing new projects. I love the fact that it’s a very cross-functional job that allows me to be in touch with all departments inside Luxottica.

What advice would you offer young professionals looking to join your e-commerce team?

Be yourself. We leverage and grow talent, appreciating individuality. We don’t like standardization: We love brainstorming and gathering everyone’s point of view. Be flexible: The project or goal of today might have changed by tomorrow, as we’re always looking to serve our consumers and their changing needs. Be eager: Don’t be scared to speak up, suggest your ideas and take responsibility. Join our Digital team and you will have the opportunity to be part of one of the fastest growing businesses, working alongside young and dynamic people.

What does collaboration look like in your office?

It’s the foundation to our everyday work. Every team owns a piece of a project, but everyone gets together to play, like an orchestra. We would fail without communication or defined leads. Collaboration is everything.

What’s the importance of mentoring?

Crucial. I do this every day, not only through formal reviews, but also with a more informal approach. I love to ask my team how they feel and if they have issues or challenges, sharing my experiences in order to guide where possible. We tend to give big responsibilities to young people which, we believe is healthy for growing professionals.