Arthur Henrique Zari

Arthur Henrique Zari

LATAM Controlling Executive Manager

Campinas, Brazil


Tell us about your journey in Luxottica.

I’ve been in Luxottica for 6 years. When I joined, controlling was completely new for Campinas. Alongside with my team, we had the chance to develop the entire cost grid and set up new internal controlling KPI’s. Over the years I’ve had interesting and challenging positions, such as Head of Logistics Controlling at the Brazilian Distribution Center, Head of Logistics LATAM, and my current role, LATAM Operations Controlling Manager, adding the frames and lenses manufacturing to the scope.

What is your motto and why?

I’m always open to something new and disruptive if it moves you forward!

Are there opportunities for you to mentor or help grow less experienced colleagues?

Yes, in my actual position I have the opportunity to work with at least 10 other countries on a regular basis. It’s very insightful to know that Luxottica is so much more than our office walls.

What is the most important lesson you have learned here?

That a good and meaningful conversation is as important as a good Excel spreadsheet. Respect at Luxottica is very important. I believe that the company respects our many different cultures and sees them as an opportunity to leverage our business.

What excites you about the work here?

If I had one sentence to describe my experience working in Luxottica, I would say: Wild, rough and unbelievably satisfying. I am constantly provoked to get out of my comfort zone.