Camilla Colnaghi

Camilla Colnaghi

S&V Brand & Communication Manager

Milan, Italy

The Inspiration Seeker

What has been your path within Luxottica?

My journey at Luxottica began eight and a half years ago when I joined the sunglasses retail marketing team. Since then, my personal and professional growth has taken place through the exploration of different roles in different countries, thanks to which I have learned to know and to know myself, through a relationship with people from all over the world, in a dynamic context such as retail, which requires flexibility and proactivity.

Over the years, Luxottica's retail operations have grown and become more ambitious. It consists of so many different realities, it has allowed me, in my most recent experience, to be at the forefront of excellence in optical and sunglasses innovation. New opportunities and projects arise every day, and we are challenged to be curious and think of new solutions.

If you had to describe what Luxottica means to you, which word would you choose to define it?

For me, Luxottica translates into a sense of belonging – to a vision, to a project, where the goal is not an end point but a path, where you learn, change, achieve results and always look a little further ahead.

What sets Luxottica apart from other companies you've worked for?

From my first day at Luxottica, I immediately felt an extraordinary sense of possibility. What can be imagined can come to life. Everyone is encouraged to voice their ideas and is supported in implementing them; this leads us to exercise our influence with passion and a sense of responsibility.

In plain language, how would you describe what you do to someone who doesn't know Luxottica?

Our job is to create a unique consumer shopping experience through an omni-channel journey that can deliver an unparalleled product and service. Today's consumer is no longer simply interested in buying a product they can find almost anywhere; instead, they are looking for stories and experiences built specifically for them.

What are the most important skills for your role?

Flexibility, creativity, and the ability to communicate and collaborate with stakeholders with diverse expertise.  Knowing how to maintain curiosity about the external context and an openness to experimenting with new solutions.

Would you recommend a career in retail to college students or young professionals?

Retail offers a privileged channel of direct knowledge of the consumer and stimulates creative solutions with very short reaction times. You never get bored and have plenty of opportunities to learn and challenge yourself!

What do you find most satisfying about working at Luxottica?

The possibility of always being at the forefront of the innovations and opportunities offered by this industry, often being able to play a leading role in redrawing its boundaries.