Camilla Colnaghi

Camilla Colnaghi

SGH Brand & Communication Manager

Milan, Italy

The Inspiration Seeker

Tell us about your journey at Luxottica.

My journey has perhaps been a little unconventional, and it started 6 years ago when I joined the Sunglass Hut Marketing team. As I've grown in a personal and professional capacity, I’ve experienced different roles in different countries and thanks to these, I've learned more about my work and myself. Even today, I’m constantly on the go, both physically and mentally. We work with people from all over the world in the dynamic retail sector, which requires flexibility and a proactive approach. Each day, new opportunities and new projects are born and we’re challenged to question things and to continue thinking about new solutions.

If you had to describe what Luxottica means to you, what would be the defining word you would choose?

For me, Luxottica means belonging, i.e. belonging to a vision, a project, and a group of people who support each other, often beyond the workplace as well.

What sets Luxottica apart from the other companies that you have worked for?

From my first day at Luxottica, I immediately felt an extraordinary sense of possibility, and that our ideas can become reality. Everyone is encouraged to express their own ideas and is supported in realising them. This inspires us to put our own stamp on things in a way that’s both enthusiastic and responsible.

How would you describe, in simple terms, what you do to people who do not know about Luxottica?

Nowadays, consumers are no longer interested in simply buying products that they can find almost anywhere. Instead, they look for unique experiences and stories tailored specifically to them. Our aim is to bring this experience to the 3,300+ Sunglass Hut stores across the world and to all the channels through which consumers shop with us.

Would you advise university students and young professionals to pursue a career in retail?

As a channel, retail offers you the advantage of getting to know your customers directly and motivates you to come up with creative solutions when your response times are very tight. You’ll definitely never get bored and there are lots of opportunities to learn and test yourself!

How does Luxottica support a healthy work-life balance?

Luxottica offers a wide range of services that make everyday life that little bit easier. For example, there’s the personal assistant service provided by the company, or the fact that you can purchase takeaway evening meals from the canteen, which is perfect for those who, like me, do not have time or motivation to go grocery shopping and cook every evening. This allows you to enjoy your free time without worrying and to do what you enjoy most.

What satisfies you most about working for Luxottica?

The chance to be at the forefront of the new developments and opportunities provided by this industry, often playing a key role in redefining its boundaries.