Christian Pollazzon

Christian Pollazzon

Technology Frames Manager

Agordo, Italy


What has been your path within Luxottica, and where has it taken you today?

I started my experience here on November 2, 2017.

Coming from engineering in the automotive world, which has very little in common with eyewear, I needed to learn everything from scratch. Fortunately, the company and the group I was placed in gave me this great opportunity, allowing me to spend time in all departments and arranging for me to have a long series of meetings with key figures in the company. During these one-on-ones, I had the opportunity to ask a lot of questions, clarifying my ideas about the company’s structure and understanding the roles and objectives of the various entities into which Luxottica is structured. After an initial phase in the workshop in Agordo and 8 months in the Technical Office, I have now been Metal Frames Italy Manager for two and a half years. Following the latest developments, for the past year and a half I have been focusing on multiple technologies in parallel as Technology Frames Manager.

In my group we deal with the design and industrialization of all metal and injected glasses, transforming what are sketches or prototypes into 3D models that can be industrialized. We define 2D drawings of all the building blocks of eyewear and design the equipment to make it, with coining, cutting, bending and the most varied types of metal-side CNC processes; in contrast, for injected parts we take care of 100% of the design of the molds for the injection process.

In the last two years we have begun to push the structural calculation of our frames to ensure a faster industrialization process; we created a group within our office that is dedicated to this and it helps us to have an even more scientific approach to the study of our models.

What is your motto?

There’s always a solution, you just have to find it.

How would you describe Luxottica's culture?

It's a company culture that is very deeply rooted in its region. With nearly 60 years of experience, guidelines that come directly from the Chairman are implemented by all employees. Over the years it has become a Welfare role model for many other Italian, as well as multinational, companies. I was speechless when, at the first Christmas dinner I attended, when the Chairman entered the room the nearly 5,000 guests stood up and began a lengthy applause. It made me realize the tremendous gratitude that employees feel towards the people who created Luxottica.

What's the most challenging project you've worked on? And what was the result?

After only 6 months of work they offered for me to visit Luxottica Tristar in Dongguan, with the aim of industrializing some quite complicated components whose design process I followed. It was my first experience in this geographical region, because at previous jobs I had worked a lot with Europe and the United States, but never with Asia.

After a few days observing the dynamics with this new entity, I immediately established very good relationships with colleagues and as the days went on, we achieved results. When I returned, I was very proud because I was able to take all the first component samples with me; we also began to address many of the issues we knew we would encounter during production.

What advice would you give to college students or young professionals considering an engineering career?

The biggest piece of advice I can give is to be humble and curious. Curiosity, in addition to making you understand many things, allows you to get passionate about the product, which is fundamental in order to achieve good results.

Do you have the opportunity to mentor or help less experienced colleagues grow? Do you think this is important?

Yes, with some of the young people we're pursuing new studies and new design approaches, and it's very inspiring to see the results that are coming out of it. New ideas are born every day, and my contribution is to help them determine priorities and the best possible way to achieve, analyze and present the results.

Does your job at Luxottica allow you to maintain a balance between your professional goals and your personal life?

I've always been very attached to the town where I was born and to the mountains, and until now it was never possible for me to reconcile work and life here. Luxottica is giving me this wonderful opportunity. Its work environment and my way of life fit together quite well. When I am at work, I am very focused and concentrated on completing the tasks required or that I set out to do, but at the same time when I get off work, I am able to disconnect enough so that I can devote myself to other volunteer and support activities in the city government.

If you had to choose one phrase to describe the Luxottica experience to your friends, what would it be?

Try it to believe it! I never thought I would find so much engineering behind a product like eyewear.