Gabriella Soda

Gabriella Soda

Trade Marketing National Key Account

Milan, Italy


Tell us about your journey at Luxottica.

My journey with Luxottica began in June 2016.
For my first job, I interned as an Assistant Brand Manager for Ray-Ban and Oakley for the Italian subsidiary. Afterwards, I was able to gain more than a year’s worth of hands-on experience with the sales team as a Key Area Coordinator for one of our most important licenses.
I then came back for a stint lasting a year and a half with the marketing team as a Trade Marketing Specialist and, recently, I accepted a new challenge, working as an National Key Account Trade Marketing Manager for the Italian subsidiary.

What do you love most about your job?

The tremendous sense of togetherness found among the teams that I work with in striving to achieve our common goals, and, most of all, the opportunity to be in direct contact with our customers, because it allows me to have a more robust idea about actual market needs. There are lots of different people involved and you can always learn something new from them.

What skills are fundamental to your role?

Passion, charisma and the ability to listen.
In my job, I’m lucky to be able to mingle with all kinds of people, both within and outside of the company, who belong to different departments to me. These traits are absolutely essential and are a prerequisite for achieving common goals. They help to establish a solid relationship based on mutual trust, which, in turn, optimises work quality and the time spent on it.

Tell us about the biggest challenge you’ve encountered and how you overcame it.

Definitely area sales. Learning to understand our market and customers properly and addressing their many needs was very challenging... Especially at such a young age.
We are market leaders, selling outstanding products and every day we are required to maintain these high standards. Here, I learned to listen carefully and to try to understand and interpret what our customers’ needs were.
Showing humility and a keen interest in their stories were the keys to success: it led to close collaborative ties and mutual respect, which was an enriching experience for all involved...and, obviously, it helped us sell glasses!

Would you advise university students or young professionals to consider a career at Luxottica?

Luxottica offers a unique professional environment. It’s an international company with a rich history of craftsmanship defined by excellence.
Here, everyone has the opportunity to build their own career, safe in the knowledge that their talent is an essential resource in sustaining the success of the company.
If you want to experiment and find a dynamic and stimulating work environment, Luxottica is the right place for you, regardless of what you studied at university.

Have you worked with mentors within the company who have had a positive impact on your career?

I was lucky enough to find a mentor on my first day with the company: A true “Luxottican” who instilled passion for our work and a deep sense of belonging to a great big family within me.
They helped me to test myself, entrusting me with responsibilities right away.
This independence gave me the opportunity to experiment a great deal, inspiring me to overcome my limitations and pushing me to continue raising the bar, so that I myself could become a person for others to turn to as well.