John Ashcraft

John Ashcraft

Chief Financial Officer ANZ

Sidney, Australia

The Controller

Tell us about your journey in Luxottica.

I started in Luxottica in January 2016. I have worked in various roles, including Sr Director of Test and Learn for Sunglass Hut and VP of Finance for Sunglass Hut and Oakley Retail. Recently I moved to Sydney as Chief Financial Officer ANZ.

How is Luxottica different from other employers you’ve had?

Luxottica is open to new ideas no matter where they come from; we’re looking for better ways to do things every day. We move fast. The most exciting things about working here is the openness to new ideas and the ability to influence leaders, drive change and add value.

What advice would you give to university students or young professionals thinking about a career in your field?

Be curious. Be a self-starter. Be open to roles you don’t think you’ll like – you’ll learn something that will help you as you grow your career.

Are there opportunities for you to mentor or help grow less experienced colleagues?

Yes – we owe it to the company to develop the next set of leaders. The most important lessons you can learn here is to stay curious and drive action.

Are you able to balance your personal goals with your professional goals at Luxottica?

I am able to balance personal/professional goals at Luxottica - I can grow professionally and learn while still having two young children at home. We work hard but we also prioritize what matters - I don’t miss swim meets, soccer games or the first day of school.