Leticia Barrera

Leticia Barrera

Business Development Director

São Paulo, Brazil

The Motivator

Tell us a little about your Luxottica journey so far.

I started as Retail Manager for Oakley 8 years ago, when the brand still reported to Foothill Ranch and there was a separate Division in our local office. Slowly, the brand was integrated to Luxottica´s structure. Global lines moved to Milan and the Division was changed to become part of Luxottica’s brands and all supportive areas/services were shared at our Brazilian office. Throughout the years, Oakley grew from 6 to 15 own stores. More recently, Sunglass Hut was also integrated to Luxottica’s local structure and I absorbed the role as brand retail manager. Sunglass Hut had around 90 points of sale by then. Around two years ago, when Luxottica decided to buy Óticas Carol, a Retail Division was created and all retail brands moved to this new office.  A couple of rearrangements were made to gain synergy among the brands, so I became Business Development Director for all our own brand stores (Oakley, Sunglass Hut and Óticas Carol), managing supportive areas as Planning, Business Intelligence, Operations and Projects for more than 130 stores.

What does Luxottica mean to you?

Globalization and speed. Everything can change in a blink of an eye and you have to be prepared to adjust and move forward. This definitely makes you more professional.

How is working at Luxottica different from other roles you’ve had previously?

Luxottica always provides a ‘work in progress’ feeling where you´re welcome to give your opinion and contribute to whatever project is being constructed. This gives you a real sensation of building something together with others in the company. We are driven by change, but this offers real opportunity to grow.

What are the most important skills for your role?

You have to be resilient and constantly have an open mind for multiscale leadership.

What’s the importance of mentoring?

Luxottica is evolving more than ever before. Not only do we guide our own teams in our day-by-day, but we can also orient younger colleagues from other areas or participating students part of our trainee programs. It’s important to help individuals understand the company to orient them in their future.

What is the most important lesson you’ve learnt here?

That you can be resilient and have fun, all together.